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Behind the scenes: A closer look into our sourcing and sustainability process

Behind the scenes: A closer look into our sourcing and sustainability process

 Sustainability matters to us here at Sea To Me because we know it matters to you. So we’ve invested in ensuring that when your Greenshell Mussel™ powder capsules arrive at your door we know we’ve done everything possible to live to our values so you don’t compromise yours.

We’re dedicated to our policy of sea-to-you sustainability. It starts at where and how we grow and harvest our New Zealand Greenshell Mussels, to how we powder and encapsulate our Sea to Me capsules, and our 100% curbside recyclable plastic and cardboard packaging. 

Global accreditation for environmental impact

We adhere to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch programme and have gained a “Best Choice” commendation measured on environmental impacts of our aquaculture. This means that our Greenshell Mussel farming has shown to be end-to-end ecologically sustainable, has minimal impact on the environment and other sea life, and contributes to a healthy ocean.

Through the global Seafood Watch programme, Greenshell Mussels have gained an overall score of 8.11 against a variety of measures including feed, habitat, source, effluent, chemicals, disease and our data transparency. This means that our mussels are among the most sustainable of all seafood in the world.

By being part of the programme, we contribute to raising awareness of ocean conservation while empowering you, our consumers, to make the best choices around your seafood consumption.

Our Greenshell Mussels

At Sea To Me we are committed to using 100% grown and sourced Greenshell Mussels, which we harvest at several locations throughout New Zealand, predominantly the Marlborough Sounds. We do not import mussels from anywhere else because we’re confident that New Zealand produces some of the highest quality mussels in the world. At every stage of manufacture we know that every capsule contains 100% Greenshell Mussel Powder.

Once our Greenshell mussels have grown to optimal size, with the most nutritional benefit, we harvest then powder in Blenheim, and encapsulate and package in Nelson, New Zealand.

This involves the removal of the mussel meat from the shells, which then undergoes a flash-drying process that can take as little as three minutes to transform the mussels to a fully digestible powder, which preserves the potency of the nutrients. We add nothing else to our pure dried mussel powder, which is then encapsulated in vegetable shell capsules imported from Europe with delayed release to support easy digestion.

Our Sustainable Packaging

To minimise environmental impact, we have ensured that our Sea To Me plastic bottles are among the plastics that can be recycled nationwide.

All Sea To Me capsule bottles are then packaged in a 100% curbside recyclable cardboard box placed inside recyclable packaging. When you opt for the 14-day-free trial, the pouch you receive is compostable in both your home and industrial composting environments with the right conditions.

We believe that sustainable business is the only business. We’re confident we have created an ecologically sustainable business while minimising our environmental footprint and optimising our manufacturing and packaging practices, so you know you’re buying the very best.

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Sea to Me is a 100% natural and sustainable supplement, sourced from New Zealand Greenshell Mussels. Enjoy all the natural goodness and live day to day without joint discomfort.

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