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How Sea To Me began

Sea To Me was created by Sanford, a New Zealand sustainable seafood company passionate about sharing the ocean’s rich nutritional potential beyond just food.

We value quality and sustainability

Sustainability matters to us here at Sea To Me and we know it matters to you too. We’ve invested in ensuring that when your Greenshell Mussel™ powder capsules arrive at your door we know that we’ve done everything possible to live to our values so you don’t compromise yours.

We’re dedicated to our policy of sea-to-you sustainability. It starts at where and how we grow and harvest our New Zealand Greenshell Mussels, to how we powder and encapsulate our Sea to Me capsules.  

To minimise environmental impact, we have ensured that all of our packaging is curbside recyclable anywhere in New Zealand. Our bespoke bottle is made from sugarcane plastic, as sugarcane grows it removes carbon from the atmosphere. Sugarcane plastic bottles help to reduce your carbon footprint.

We believe that sustainable business is the only business. We’re confident we have created an ecologically sustainable business while minimising our environmental footprint and optimising our manufacturing and packaging practices, so you know you’re buying our very best.

Advanced Support For Joint Health

Too many New Zealanders put up with joint discomfort. 
Sea to Me is a 100% natural and sustainable supplement, sourced from New Zealand Greenshell Mussels. Enjoy all the natural goodness and live day to day without joint discomfort.

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