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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the ingredients in the capsule?

    Each capsule contains 100% Greenshell Mussel powder - the contents is simply the meat of the mussel, powdered using our unique flash-drying process that protects that nutrients in the mussel. There are zero additional ingredients in our capsules.

  • Is there mussel shell in the product?

    No - the shelf itself is discarded and only the meat of the mussel is used in our product.

  • Where do your Greenshell Mussels come from?

    Our mussel are harvested at several locations around New Zealand. None of our mussels are imported from other countries.

  • Where is your product made?

    Our mussels are powdered, encapsulated and packaged right here in New Zealand.

  • When should I take my capsules?

    We recommend taking your two daily capsules in the morning with breakfast, however they can be taken at any time of the day. If in doubt, always read the label our products and follow the instructions. 

  • How many capsules can I take?

    The minimum suggested dose is 2 capsules daily with food. You can safely increase your dose to 4-6 capsules daily with food if required. 

  • What is a Delayed-Release capsule?

    Delayed-release capsules delay the release of the Greenshell Mussel powder until the capsules have passed through the stomach. This prevents the powder from being weakened by gastric juices. It can also help prevent 'fish burps' commonly associated with marine supplements. 

  • Why should I subscribe?

    Subscribing allows you to get a discount on the retail price of the product. It also saves you needing to remember to repurchase the product, or making a special trip to do so. Delivery is free, and every 30 or 60 days we send you a new supply, so you’re sure never to run out.

  • If I subscribe, is there a minimum period?

    No - there are no contracts or minimum periods. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and can do this without contacting us - it's available as an option in your user account.

  • Does Sea to Me ship to PO Boxes?

    No. Deliveries require a physical address, so please use a physical address when you go to the checkout page to place your order.